Slower when debuging in VS2012?

Hi, guys, will you fell very slow when you setup a breakpoint in your code and use step into to debug the code?

I find it is slower than in VS2010, it is only my problem?


That means you are using the old driver. Debugging with WinUSB is fast under 2012.

Edit. See this thread

oh no, after I remove the USB driver, my laptop can’t install the WinUSB.


You should be able to manually point to the location and install it. How is it failing for you exactly?

I manually point to the location, the system said your driver is the latest.

that means you didn’t uninstall the files when you removed the old one

I uninstall and remove the driver, then manually point to the location and install the driver.
It shows error below:
The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.

I think inc files in the latest SDK were corrupted. Previous SDK has the good ones. It is the same driver otherwise.

Where can I find the old driver directly?
I only have the Setup file.

John posted a driver installer last week. Which will be in sdk coming soon.

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Hi, Gus could you give me the link ?

@ Gus - Forgot about that. Here is the link:

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@ Architect - Thanks [line]