Slow module commands - displayN18 and radioFM1 - NETMF 4.3

I have some commands on my spider taking a long time and I’m getting the initialization time warnings.

18 to 20 seconds for putting some text on the N18. I am using the work around.
displayN18.SimpleGraphics.DisplayText(“Device ID”, Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.NinaB), Colors.Black, 0, 0);

I initialize the radioFM1 in a thread and I can see it running parallel to the main body execution. I have debug.prints between every line in ProgramStarted and my radio startup method.

RadioFM1, I bought a Si470x which is what the radioFM1 appeared to be and I wired it up to match the schematic of the RadioFM1 and it does work, just slow code.

4 seconds
radioFM1.SetChannelConfiguration(RadioFM1.Spacing.USAAustrailia, RadioFM1.Band.USAEurope);
5 seconds
volumeOn = radioFM1.Volume = 100;
16 seconds
radioFM1.Channel = 95.5;

So, is it normal for these commands to take a long time, or does it indicate some sort of problem (hardware or user)?

I have switched my code to store the NinaB font in a variable. I don’t do multiple lines at once, so autoredraw = false won’t get me anywhere since I need to draw after I set the line anyway.

@ PintSize.Me - The workaround for the N18 is very slow and there is no way to speed it up sadly. If you take all code out of your project and just initialize the radio, is it still slow?