Slow debugging in emulator

Since I’m still waiting for my hardware to come, I’ve started implementing UI and Modbus stuff, and testing it in emulator. This is generally working, but debugging is like a pain in the a… ::slight_smile:
It feels way slower than using VS2012 with legacy drivers on win 8 (serial speed).
It takes seconds to step over (F10) or view a variable value.

Is this by design or did I miss something!? :think:

Debugging under Emulator was painfully slow for me as well. Done it once or twice.

:frowning: I want my hardware. Ordered it a half eternity ago (eternity = month).

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Up until a few months ago I was living in Europe and I would order all my GHI kit from Shipping is free if the order is over 75 euro and it normally took 4 days to arrive. If they did not carry a particular component I would have to wait an additional 4 weeks (typically) for them to order it. No customs issues or extra payments where required. Of course the downside is that you cannot take advantage of discounts.

@ taylorza - I normally order at Watterott (if they have it).
This time I order directly at GHI because I needed MedusaMini which was out of stock at mouser, and Watterott does not have it listed so far.
Also the 30% discount is what I have to pay on customs and taxes (more or less), so the price was quite good with free shipping.