Slider's ValueChangedEvent event not fired


while I was playing with Glide on the Cobra, I’ve been suprised that a slider value that was changed in code (by a button press for example) did not fire the ValueChanged event :think:
The slider value is indeed changed and the display correctly updated (with a call to Invalidate(), of course), but no event is thrown.

I had to explicitely call the TriggerValueChangedEvent() method in order to have the event really fired.

I’ve tried the “same” code in a Windows WPF application and the event is fired as soon as the slider value is changed, no matter the way it’s changed : code or UI.

Is this normal behaviour for Glide or NetMF or did I miss something ?

Note that the event is fired correctly when I move the slider on the screen.

The event will only fire when the knob is moved via touchscreen. This will be changed in the next version to fire whenever the value is changed.

Thank you, Josh !

It was not a request, but a question. But the answer is perfect :wink: