Sleep mode on Fez Cerbuino

Hi everybody!! I am new to this community.

I am having some little problem with my Fez Cerbuino Bee.

I am trying to put it down to sleep, since I am using this for a GPS/GPRS project. It is all done, except the hibernation (or sleep mode) so it’s not consuming current while waiting for the next iteration that GPS has to activate.

I have seen this on the forum:

[quote] Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PowerState.MaximumTimeToActive = new TimeSpan(TimeSpan.TicksPerSecond * 10);

Where it should sleep for 10 seconds. But it is not doing anything at all, kind of ignoring the line, since code it’s not even pausing for the 10 seconds.

Anybody knows what’s the reason? I do not need any “DeepSleep” as it would stop the RTC clock, so I’m guessing “sleep” is the way to go.

To the other person on the forum whom I copied the “way to go” to, at least he says his ‘sleep’ was working, only not awakening by timer, which is another thing. Here is the link to his topic:

Thank you everybody.

First, welcome to the community.

I do not believe power modes are completely implemented, or possible to implement due to limitation or incompatibility between NETMF classes and the processor features. A quick look at the source codes and the processor datasheet will revel what is possible.

Thank you very much Gus.

That is what the other person states in his thread and it is true. I have read the same document and , as I need voltage regulators ON, the mode I need to select is “sleep”.

But I do not know how I can move forward. I am quite new to .NET MF.

I have been trying to look the source code, as Fez Cerberus has the same firmware, but I do not find anything related to power modes.

Still looking? I ran into the same wall you did. Check this out…