Skype Translator

Having worked a bit on language stuff in the 80’s this is most impressive and I look very much forward to being able to use it.

It’s not going to work in Scotland very well :smiley:

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@ Dave McLaughlin that reminds me of the time the guys wanted to give their handwriting device/app to Bill for one of his weekend get aways. So they give him a quick demo and it works beautifully, then they give it to Bill to try, doesn’t work at all, so they try it and it works and then give it back to Bill and it quits working. Then one of the guys notices, Bill is left handed, oops didn’t try that down in the lab as everyone on the team was right handed.

Now that was a pretty weak Scottish accent, but if you want an interesting accent head for the east coast of Canada (never met a Newfie I didn’t like).

I had no problem at all understanding what they were saying but then my roots go back through Lanark and Colbhasa.

It’s not Scotland that I worry about… it’s the Welsh accent that would be the most difficult in my eyes.