Skewworks @ MADExpo

Just got word all 3 talks I submitted have been accepted, so Skewworks will see you at the MADExpo in June! Can’t wait to meet some more of you FEZers!

Great, this one i guess

Congrats! It looks like once again I’ll be sitting that one out. :frowning:

You know your on a roll when all your talks are accepted and you have been rocking hard to get there, congrads.

We will have a blast this year

Well done :slight_smile:

Will they available on-line live or afterwards?

@ skewworks - What are your speeches?

I have a dream…

I really hope they will be…

@ Ian - “Affordable Gadgeteer Projects for Schools”, “Multi-Application Support in NETMF”, “OO GUI Design for Embedded Systems”

I will see about recording and posting the talk :slight_smile:

Those all sound like very interesting speeches. I hope you’re able to record them or even better you could come down and do a repeat for devLink :wink:

It looks like I’m going to make it after all! I found out a local pal of mine is speaking so I’m going to ride along with him :slight_smile:

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@ ianlee74 - Rent a bigger car and bring your Hydracate for the demo floor.

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Yep :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how well that would go over with my buddy I’m bumming a ride with. Besides, I have a hunch there will be other arcades there :wink:

I am not going this time :frowning: Had to cancel my talk. Going to MS Build which is the same dates as MADExpo.

Boo :frowning: I can’t blame you on the choice, though. I didn’t realize they were at the same time this year. I’m sure the MADExpo folks were not happy to see that announcement since I think they announced their date first.

Take a lot of pictures.

I certainly will.