Sitcore stops working on certain usb ports


A couple months ago I had a weird issue where one of my usb ports of my laptop absolutely refused to work with any SC20100S. The SC20100S got recognized in device manager as a SC20100S but it didn’t appear in the list in tinyclr config and visual studio wouldn’t recognize it.

I switched different modules, different cables, had many driver/bios and many windows updates but to this day, that usb port refuses to work properly. All other features work fine, just not the sc20. Plugging the same modules with the same cables into the other usb port, works just fine.

Recently, one of my colleagues started having the exact same problem with a different laptop. Both of them are HP, one a ZBook and the other a probook.

And yesterday, my main desktop pc started acting up on some of its usb ports as well. My vs would crash when trying to put a breakpoint, deploying new software didn’t work 80% of the time etc. All of this went away when I used a different usb port on the computer…

Is there some way this can be debugged? Maybe Wireshark or something similar could help us here?

This sounds like an issue in windows USB stack. But this usually mean the device would not work on any ports. What you are describing of specific ports not working is very strange.

Does the device show properly under device manger? Does it show the same on working and non working ports?

It shows the same in device manager, just comes up as an SC20100S.
I’ll see if there is differences in the details, like a hardware id of something, tomorrow.

By the way, the laptops are running windows 10 and my desktop is running windows 11.

If device manager still show SC20100S then try to uninstall the driver, disconnect and reconnect the module again!

I wonder if somehow windows is changing the registry record we use to detect the device.

We tried this on our devices and haven’t experienced any problems anymore. Thank you!