SITcore questions

I have been going through the STM32H743 processor datasheet and I have a few questions regarding features and what is available to use with TinyCLR2.0. This is a pretty impressive micro, by the way.

ADC - Is this set for 16bit? The data in the documentation site states 8 bits which seems like a complete waste of the ADC input.

ADC - Is the routing for Vref on the SCM20260D module able to take a clean and stable input? I am hoping to use the ADC for 4-20mA input and remove the external MCP3428 I currently use. It also means I have more than 4 available. :slight_smile:

Temperature sensor - Is this available to us to monitor the CPU internal temperature?

SAI (Serial audio interfaces) - Are there any plans to support this interface to provide a higher quality audio output?


Hey Dave,

Let me start with your first question. I just verified that the ADC is definitely set up for 16 bit operation. On the SC20100 Dev board I took about 50 ADC readings of the same voltage from a voltage divider. The smallest difference between two readings, where the readings weren’t the same, was 0.0000152590218959192. One divided by that number is 65535, give or take a few millionths.

So yes, the ADC is returning 16 bit data. I’ll make sure to add this to the docs – thanks for pointing it out.

Considering how small and complex and small the modules are, we routed the analog signals the best we could. So it should be decent.

We have taken a look before and actually reserved some pins in our plans for possibly supporting audio in the future. No promises but we want to take a look. You can still play simple audio on the DAC pins today.

@Joel_Riley I know you tested it but the tutorial page is empty.

Just checked and this is something we’re looking into – hopefully it’ll be available soon!

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