SITCore Preview3 Speed

So I stumbled across a link for Preview 3 and decided to give it a go being a bleeding edge sort of chappie that I am :blush:

SITCore Firmware v2.0.0.21000-preview2
Process starting…
Duration: 2.347795

SITCore Firmware v2.0.0.30000-preview3
Process starting…
Duration: 2.1150597

So a bit quicker again - choice :heart_eyes:

We just need 10% every release for 10 releases :grin:

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Where do you find it ?

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He asked me nicely and sent some beer

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Can I send a truck of beer ? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

can i hack link to publish it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: on forum

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@Dat_Tran is this normally ???

pressed LDR ,appeared COM11 , connected

updated firmware to latest on

but COM11 still appear and do not remove , did is that ready ???

and to start need to press APP button ???

so just on the newsletter… did we decide to ompletely bypass TinyCLR OS 2.0 and go to TinyCLR OS 3.0? That’s a lot of water under the bridge ! :slight_smile:


found reason

and resolved found problem :smiley:

while (ldr1.Read() == GpioPinValue.High)

on code … this caused

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LMFAO :joy: @Greg_Norris what are you smoking?


I’m just trying to speed things up…:slight_smile:


i didn’t think it was a “recall/amendment” level bug, but… :wink:

We are going to have @Brett on quality control going forward. I hope you accept the new position.