Sitcore micromod module

Are the SITcore micromod modules already under development?

You should email sparkfun and let them know what they are missing. But yes we have thought about it.

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I have a half done design with the SC20100B… Never finished it.

If there’s interest, maybe I could finish it.

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Their carrierboard line contains interesting models. An the a la cart option…. If not for the programming model ….

I agree it is a good idea but we need sparkfun onboard.

They object? If im correct they promote the concept and ask for developers to participate in the eco system. I dont know who created the teensy micromod for example (sparkfun or stoffregen)… but compare it to the flea, did seeed build it? TinyCLR has opportunity to go places…

I do not think they would object but what I mean is that if you are a sparkfun customer then it is a good idea to point out the option to them like you did to us.

He should point out what to them? To build your processor board for you?
I don’t see a single downside for you in this, if anything you might get more customers from Sparkfun to buy your SoM’s and SBC’s

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Ok i will notify them too of the option of sitcore. Perhaps it helps something. Meanwhile, if you are waiting for them to create the SITcore micromod boards, you are just loosing valuable time to enter their eco system and be part of that too.

Yes exactly, and not only the soms and sbc’s but also the SITcore micromod boards. The sweet deal for gus would be: hey sparkfun… i like the micromod concept. I will create one or two with our SITcore controllers, can you then put it in your sparkfun store and give it some publicity? And then you go talk to scott hanselman right?

And why are you assuming we have not had this discussion? :grin: I am not allowed to say more unfortunately.


Yep, makes sense. I see if i can make a strong case for you at sparkfun. But you will make the micromods then right?

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#gustease :rofl:

Note that they have the same concept at Mikroe. Itr woulb nice to have Sitcore on those as well

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any news on this interesting topic ?

Nothing new but making such module would be easy.

then hope it will come soon. it will be beneficial to all :blush:

Would supporting rp2040 be a way to have TinyCLR go mainstream?

Great idea!

It could be called the FEZ Pico.


Haha great idea

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