SITCore Features - Networking

Originally published at: SITCore Features – Networking – GHI Electronics

SITCore compute modules let you build secure IoT .NET C# products, powered by TinyCLR OS. Take advantage of the many built in features, including Networking.

Networking support on SITCore is a subset of Microsoft’s .NET Framework networking stack.

Full support is available for the most widely used protocols, including:

The latest version of TLS is supported in TinyCLR OS providing industry-standard security.

SITCore Devices can also be programmed as the host to deliver content over networks.

The entire secure stack is made available over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Cellular networks.

This is just a highlight of the many included features designed to help you build small secure devices. SITCore increases productivity and shortens time to market.

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