SITCore Experimenter Kit

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A holiday treat has just arrived!

What are you doing this holiday season? How about experimenting with IoT and Robotics? What better way to experiment with how .NET C# can be used with physical computing than through having actual hardware? The SITCore Experimenter Kit contains a SITCore Single Board Computer (SBC) called “FEZ Bit”, a BrainClip accessory pack, and BrainBot accessory pack allowing you to experiment with hardware from different angles.

No hardware experience necessary!

We’ll guide you!

Our very own e-guide, C# for IoT and Robotics, goes hand-in-hand with the SITCore Experimenter Kit, providing step-by-step instructions to get you started and keep you on the path to understanding hardware. See for yourself and reserve your kit today!

SITCore Experimenter Kit


i found those lego parts for MicroBIT “that can be in handle with SITECORE Boards”

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Any microbit accessory can be used with FEZ Bit if you understand the connections on the edge connector.

The other FEZ boards are also made with a common form factor and so they have accessories available as well.

We have made this experimenter kit to be extremely easy as we detail and slowly show everything throug the ebook.


@Gus_Issa, ordered one for my son and I to experiment with this holiday break! When do you start shipping? This will be fun! Are you willing to do discounts for educational purposes? May share this with his school.


I think you both will enjoy this kit. Thanks for ordering.

Yes we can work with schools. This kit is more high school to professional level. For younger audience there is

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oh I forgot to answer your first question! They have shipped to distributors already. I am guessing you will have a tracking number from the distributor in a few days.


Digikey has some showing in stock

Mouser shows the kit as Shipping Restricted for Australia. :frowning:

What about digikey?

I think this video came out great!