Single Pair Ethernet

Has anyone done, or thinking about doing anything with Single Pair Ethernet? It seems to be the new upcoming industrial standard. It runs ethernet over single pair of copper with power. It appears from a software/processor perspective nothing changes, only the hardware PHY.

There is a whole lot more into if you Google, “Single Pair Ethernet”.


We are in the early stages of creating a working PSE/PoDL with Harting/Silvertel with a PSE/PD on win 10 IoT and ESP 32 with nano framework. We hope to get SPE/PoDL on win 10 working soon

Our design/testing with 4 pair PoE with ESP 32 / nano framework with 6 sensors and 4 relays outputs (with all sensing and controlling) is complete and our next step is to move it to SPE/PoDL.