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Since your all bored


…waiting for Gary to finish 3rd lunch to finishing migrating your favorite digital crack i thought why not lets have a game of guess the packages, bets Sudoku to keep the grey matter from disintegrating ;D

So…chocks away and see how many you can pick…


you’re (just saying) 8)


@ suitable1 - you are favorite digital crack? No, your is correct.


U3 - HP03 or similar barometric press and temp sensor
U7 - ADXL350 accelerometer


@ Dave is fending off dementia but the rest of you are spiraling down hill… ::slight_smile:

U7 is indeed an ADXL350 accelerometer
U3 is a MS5803-14BA 0-14 Digital pressure sensor

Still lots of guessing to go to ward off synaptic misfires…


Y’all init?



I’m pretty sure he was referring to “Since your all bored” needing to be “Since you’re all bored”


@ Skewworks - I stand corrected. :-[


Who knew - hang out at GHI and learn proper grammar and etiquette :smiley:

Embedded English 101

Today’s lesson…


@ Justin - Colour is correct. Don’t even joke about that man.



@ Mr. John Smith - This is not a joke, colour is spelled color!


Todays lesson in Embedded 101 is…




@suitable1 Most Excellent.