Since Gadgeteer is dead



And that is only few sockets of what this board offers :slight_smile:



@ Justin - Does that say 8MB? Are you sure it isn’t missing a decimal point somewhere?

@ Mr. John Smith - correct, and no mathematical errors :slight_smile:

Looks like a Gadgeteer clone of the DISCO board.

This must be an older one, I’m pretty confident a F7 version is already in the works :whistle:

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I’m pretty sure there’s one waiting for me at the post office, isn’t there Kiwi Man. What, there isn’t because you haven’t sent me one ?!?!?!?!?!


Oh yeah, bring on the F7 version.

Spooky - look what just turned up ;D


@ Justin - A guy in my company play with those, too, and he says SDK for this chip is at the moment very buggy. Still too fresh.

OK, … NOW I am interested :slight_smile:

I thought that from a programmer’s perspective (i.e. instruction set architecture), there is nearly no difference to the F4? And usually there is no such thing as an SDK for a microcontroller.

Typically, there is an errata list with hardware bugs, and this can be quite long for a new chip. As the STM32F7 seems to mostly reuse existing peripherals, I would hope that it is not too long.

@ Cuno - Of course there are SDKs for MCUs, like, for example, LPCOpen for NXP, and STM gives away something, too :slight_smile: For STM M7, I believe the provided software helpers are buggy. Can’t comment on hardware.

@ Simon from Vilnius - Ah, ok. But for NETMF, we fortunately don’t need this kind of SDK.

@ Cuno - Have you looked at VisualGDB, that’s a add-in to VS (currently there is a beta out supporting 2015 and F7)

If I only had a simple F7 board not the discovery (that one I have but is way too much, to start of simple development and play around with

Thats true. :frowning:
I just played a little with the 32F7DISCO and tried only to reprogram the demo software. But you need to program the QSPI-Flash for the bmp’s and programming the QSPI-Flash is only supported with STLink 3.7
But the only download you can find is STLink 3.6 :wall:
So I am in the “wait state” :frowning:
At this moment I got an email from Keil with update information, maybe…

@ Lutz1 - Ah, have you played with the demo SW a bit using the LCD, I can’t load any resource from the SDIO unit to read videos or music :wall:

Edit - found this maybe it helps ST-Link 3.7 - STSW-LINK004 - STM32 ST-LINK utility (replaced by STM32CubeProgrammer) - STMicroelectronics

Yes I did, with same result. :’(
No audio or video from SDIO or USB (with adapter as described in one of the manuals).
So I decided to stop here and waiting für ST-Link V3.7 (or Keil) to go on. Maybe with V3.7 there is also a new version of the demo sw.
At the moment I can play a little with the schematics and pcb 8)

Edit : ST-Link V3.7 is programming the QSPI-Flash !! The demo sw has its bmp’s back :slight_smile:
V3.7 must be uploaded in the last 12 hours … Thank you .Peter. !!