Since 4.4 has been out for awhile

The process begins… :wink:


@ Justin - How did you get that running ?

I don’t even get the project template of gadgeteer in VS2015 :wall:

Please enlighten us with your almighty wisdom !!

@ .Peter. - just download Gadgeteer Core 2.44.1100

@ Justin - Doh, I must have lost some memory engrams … downloaded this already on the date of release … :wall:

Probably didn’t do anything further since who supports Mr. G nowadays …

Well, until now.

Grabs chest, wheezing and rolling around on the floor…

You might want to install the new .NET Gadgeteer Builder Templates as well and try those as well and let me know if they have changed as well :slight_smile:

@ Duke Nukem - Did so already and did a first test, tried to upgrade the Cerbot but couldn’t of course since it is using cerberus 4.3 and you know how things go with mixing versions. Plus the fact that I only own GHI gadgeteer stuff and no ProPower board and required sources there is little of a chance … until GHI releases some updates …

I really hope the cerberus family gets updated as well.

Updating an existing module f.e. the BluetoothSmart module to get to 4.4 shouldn’t be that hard, but no boards to plug into yet.

Hey, very, very nice GHI people are you listening … a Gadgeteer 4.4 SDK release would be really nice …

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@ .Peter. - did I forget to mention I already have a 4.4 Cerbot firmware and drivers…

Old age creeping up on already frail memory… :whistle:

@ Justion - You did that using VS2015 ?

@ .Peter. - yup

@ Justin - So how did you get the cerberus 4.3 ref treated … at least it is refering to it (see picture) in my cerbot solution along with other GHI refs ?

@ .Peter. - I have upgraded 4.2 to 4.3 and 4.4

@ Justin - And how did you get 4.4 I only have 4.3 of Gadgeteer for GHI boards, I do have Gadgeteer Core 2.44.1100 but can of course only create a project for GHI mainboards having version 4.2 or 4.3 NOT 4.4 ???

@ .Peter. - I built myself 4.4 images that cover Cerberus based boards and Reaper…

So only a few GHI boards fall under 4.4 even though they all show up, but the dropdown magically has 4.4 for some for me :slight_smile:

Only thing is that the Reaper is missing certain GHI extensions but has some of mine instead :wink:

@ Justin - You know the question already, don’t you ?

@ .Peter. - ::slight_smile:

‘Someone’ is working on Gadgeteer as there are some new features etc in the Gadgeteer module and mainboard template builders :slight_smile:

@ Duke Nukem - Can you tells us what are these new features?

@ iamin - Let’s start with there is a new template wizard now ie a graphical way to enter all the stuff we used to hand edit in the hardware.xml file (ie the screen shot). Selectable coverage from .NetMF 4.1 to 4.4 so clearly ‘someone’ is working on this.

@ Duke Nukem - I see. Unfortunately, it looks like there are still not templates for VB environment :frowning: And I guess it won’t be that easy to port C# templates VB now since wizard is introduced.

Hi: Looking for an update to this. Did 4.4 every get finished and where is it available?
I am looking to replace GHI.OSHW.Hardware, Version= with a 4.4 version.