Simultaneous sound playback

is it possible to play two sounds simultaniously with the “MP3 Shield (MP3/MIDI/WMA)” or the “MP3 Decoder Extension”?
Let’s say I want to play some music and additional sound effects over the music…

If it is not possible with these two…is there any extension or chip out there I could connect to a FEZ system without lots of development?


Vlsi offers a chip that can play midi and also PCM at once

You mean this chip?:

I found a breakout board ( but there is not a lot of documentation.
I’ve seen you also use this chip in the ChipworksX system. Is there some documentation and maybe some library code available?
Sound output with the FEZ product line would be great for a lot of people I think…


No. The one I saw didn’t play mp3. I think it wad vs1003