SimpleGraphics Large Fonts

I am looking for larger fonts for use with SimpleGraphics. I want something 3-4 times the size of NinaB.

I found the files nina14.tnyfnt and nina48.tnyfnt and added them to the project resources but get a message that my resources font file does not contain a reference for nina14 or nin48. I assume that these are not compatible, or I am registering them wrong.

@ pi - Somewhere there is a link to a font generator app that allows you to create fonts and set sizes etc of the font itself. I cant find it at the moment but i will keep looking.

Edit: Here it is i think

@ HughB - That font generator was written specifically for my FEZ Touch driver

I don’t think you can use it for SimpleGraphics.

@ pi - This is the tool you need:

@ Architect - Thanks man, i knew there was one.
@ Jasdev - good to know :slight_smile: