Simple display for Fez spider?

I have hung out with arduino and netduino a bit. Getting oriented on the GHI offering.

For the Fez Spider, I see the $100 graphical display. I am looking for a cheap simple display, no touch screen, just alpha numeric. Like an HD44780 or similar.

Is there such?


You can easily wire such display to the extender module. Perhaps even share a tutorial on this the community about this.

I am willing to step you through it if you write the tutorial :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! And yes, I am happy to write tutorials.

I am looking to take the Panda II route, and there are shields based on this display that I expect will work directly…

Have you considered this OLED display:

Have you considered this OLED display:

Happily would/will…

Is there a schematic on how to connect this to a Panda II ?

If you are using panda (non-gadgeteer) with a gadgeteer module, then this maybe possible but you are somewhat on your own to figure out the connections.

Now, gadgeteer module witha gadgeteer mainboard and it will simply plug and play for you, as this is how it is meant to be used.

yeah I am not sure what way you’re leading, Panda II or Gadgeteer… you’ve talked about them both.

Spider - the OLED display would be a nice
Panda II - the Fez Touch would be my pick.

If you’re happy to DIY, then a 20x4 or 20x2 text LCD based on HD44780 would be pretty easy to wire up for either scenario - the bit I have no idea about is how effective your coding needs to be to make a real gadgeteer driver for such a beast.