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Simple corrections for Porting NetMF Beginner's Guide REV 0.03


I know this doc is preliminary, but I want to be helpful, so I thought I would send some notes on corrections. These are typos and whatnot. I have essentially ignored punctuation, style, and voicing - Gus is free to write whoever he wants and I think he does a great job. Here are a few items to look at:

  • The page header (on all pages says) Guide to C# and .Net Micro Framework. Should probably be changed to the title of this book.
  • Page 5: point 3, should be “… with almost no changes” instead of “[italic]on[/italic] changes”
    -Page 7: the last sentence mixes “most of” and “than” in the sentence. You might want “more of your time … than you would …” or “most of your time… instead of on the hardware design”
  • Page 8: the first sentence should say “very advanced.”
  • the last sentence should be “allows for advanced processor…”
  • Page 11: 4th point mentions VS 2008 - do you want this to be VS 2010?
  • Page 14: first sentence in 6.1, should be “Most programmers are used to seeing …”
  • last paragraph, an “a” is missing in “had it available a long time”
  • Page 18: it says “Do not to add your own name” Is this what you intended? If so, the “to” needs to be removed. If not, maybe a word is missing.
  • “install” is misspelled in “You need to install” under Loading Software.
  • Page 22: second paragraph should be “This port is also available in other form[italic]s[/italic]…”
  • under the graphic, “one of the supported compiler[italic]s[/italic]”
  • Page 24: “You will find 3 folders, bin, lib, and obj.”
  • “The [italic]one [/italic]we are most…”
  • Page 25: near the end of the second paragraph, “All these files make up” files should be plural and in this case, “make up” is two words.
  • Page 31: first sentence, “and that [italic]is [/italic]what”
  • “in [italic]the [/italic]source [italic]code [/italic]to GHI’s VID”
  • “port source code to use…”
  • Page 32: Second sentence, “… firmware [italic]for [/italic]now.”
  • Page 33: sentence just above the graphic - perhaps it should be “You may have some warning messages at the end, but you just need to make sure that we have no errors.”
  • Page 35: “The firmware also ships with superior…”
  • Page 37: first sentence, “configure the tool as [italic]shown[/italic]…”
  • 2nd sentence below the graphic, “Once loading [italic]is[/italic]…”
  • Page 38: “perfect for cloning a [italic]solution[/italic]”
  • Page 47: start of last paragraph, “The book [italic]reflects[/italic]…”

Thanks for all of the great stuff! I had been looking at other NetMF platform, but you have by far convinced me that GHI is the way to go.


Can we skip this for now? The porting book is far from complete and a slot of things will change while it is done. I really appropriate your input but while the book is changing it doesn’t make sense to fix them. I would LOVE to get this feedback after the book is done. I hope this wouldn’t stop you from helping in correcting the book when it is done :slight_smile: