SIM900 Gadgeteer - Breakout pins?

I haven’t found the breakout for the pins for the sim900 Gadgeteer module, can anyone please assist me?


This module has standard K socket.

Here is the info about all sockets:

So there is no way to power cycle or reset the modem?

There’s .Reset() .PowerOn and .PowerOff()

Found in the Seeed driver for the module:

I don’t have that module, but check the datasheet:

See if NRESET pin is connected to any pins on the K socket.
There is also a chance that driver might have a function for that.

Very nice :slight_smile: I have about 10 of these modems in the arduino shield format and I’m tired of manually fixing these boards to do a power cycle / reset.

I just hope that the pins are actually connected :slight_smile:

Both of you answered my question; I rolled a dice to figure out who got the credit :slight_smile:

You are welcome!