Silly wire color coding

So I’m doing some soldering today, re-purposing some old parallel port cables. The wires are in pairs but have color coding like brown w/black stripe, and brown w/gray_stripe, and brown w/white_stripe. Depending on the particular wire the gray might look white or it might look black. So, you wind up having to ohm out the wires one at a time to make sure your getting the one you think you are. What a pain. Who comes up with these color codes?

The same group that came up with cat-5 wiring sequence. Why put the blues in the middle of the green and backwards? It’s all straight through, so they should just go straight through. O, OW, G, GW, B, BW, Br, BrW would be simpler.

I hear ya, Jeff. I’ve been to the yarn isle of Hobby Lobby. I know there are more than four colors in the universe.

There may be more than 4 colors, but not all of us can tell them apart. [shame] I sometimes need my wife to tell me what color a wire is. [/shame]