Silly question about connectors

Hey was wondering if anyone had any advice on connecting non gadgeteer sensors to the board. I have two analog accelerometers I need to hook up. Those pins on the Hydra are like little ant fingers…TINY!

Check out the extender board in the GHI shop. It breaks out the pins to be breadboard-friendly. Just solder male or female pin headers.


Even better (well, slightly different but of same quality :)), try out one of my MakeBread modules at . Next version available in about a week.

Or duinoproto

I will check those out! What about pin standard. Is this a standard pin width? I kind of need something this weekend so I can solder something myself. The pins are so close though. What is that plug standard?

It is in the Gadgeteer module design document on codeplex

If you have an extra connector cable, perhaps you could slice it in half (instead of doing the tiny connector soldering).

My option would be like @ mhectorgato says, take a standard gadgeteer cable and cut it in exact halves, so you have two plugs with short wires on. Then separate each wire in the larger strand and splice new wires onto it and connect up your sensors.