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Side scanning range finder


As many of you saw, I have been thinking about doing a robot project out of a hobby RC car.

One of the things I wanted to do was have a side-scanning rangefinder with one of those Sharp IR rangefinders mounted on a servo.

Somewhere on this site, I saw a video of someone who had used parts from a FEZ Mini robot kit to make a really clever servo mount for the rangefinder.

My question is: Is there somewhere where I can buy just a few of the parts from the FEZ Mini robot kit? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for how to mount a Sharp rangefinder on a servo that DON’T involve duct tape? ::slight_smile:


You could use alu 90 degrees corners.
Those are often used in furniture.

I used them for my hexapod, later on I copied them but instead of alu I used plexi :wink:


I looked on google and found this:

This should give you an idea. You can easily create this out of plexi :wink:


Thanks Robert,

That kind of thing is exactly what I needed.


You are welcome!
Let me know if you need tips or anything else :wink: