Show your skills

Nice script to create a “Wall of skills” image

Cool :slight_smile:

So badge display is on the honor system? :slight_smile: I don’t necessarily have all the skills, but they are super geek chic. Definitely worthy of a magic blue smoke badge, though! I have a bunch of them to add to my mad scientist lab coat.

I think Adafruit is going to sell a badge sash soon, if you like looking like a girl scout ::slight_smile:

Just a cool thing to show I guess. You don’t have to have all skills. ;D
Which brings an idea to have a similar badge or distinguishable image for each fez device and show it under the user’s avatar on the profile page and may be even here on forum (below experience points). The information can be taken from “I own” section. Quick an easy way to see who to ask device specific questions.

Resists himself of buying them :smiley:

Yeah these are cool indeed. I might throw a couple into the shopping cart next time - for my son.

If you’re going to steal “merit badges” from the Boy Scouts then I hope that one would also take away the honesty :wink: