Should I worry about the warning: "Cannot find a schema that defines target namespace '', schema validation skipped."?

Since upgrading my FEZ Cerberus to 4.3 and building projects exclusively for 4.3, I am consistently getting two identical warnings on every build:

Cannot find a schema that defines target namespace’, schema validation skipped.

One is for Program.gadgeteer, and the other is for Program.gadgeteer.diagram, both reported for line 2.

I’ve looked at line 2 of the XML file, which says:

My questions are: Does this look correct (e.g., VisualStudio/2008)? If not, what should it be? Can it be safely ignored?

I strive for warning-free builds in all other environments, but I’m not sure if this particular warning one is legitimate or is a red herring.


@ andre.m -

Yes, creating an empty 4.3 project (which includes selecting a mainboard, in this case the FEZ Cerberus), adding no additional code or modules, followed by a rebuild generates the same two warnings.

I decided that there might be an environment configuration issue, so I uninstalled the SDK and reinstalled it. After doing that, the warnings persisted on all pre-existing projects, but did not appear on any new projects. The XML line in question appears to be identical between the old and new projects, so something else must have been confusing it.

Anyway, after an uninstall/reinstall of the SDK, the warnings don’t appear on new projects. So, looks like the problem is resolved.

@ andre.m -

VS was closed during the uninstall and reinstall of the SDK. It was closed during the initial 4.3 SDK installation as well.

Well, I spoke too soon. An hour after my last post, and several builds later, the same two warnings started showing up. They now show up 100% of the time on every build of an existing project and every build of a brand new project. Very odd.

I’m hesitant to uninstall and reinstall the SDK again (and create new projects again), as it only bought me about an hour of warning-free builds.

sounds to me like you’re including something legacy into a build. Are you adding external projects or DLLs at all ? (really, I can’t think of any reason this kind of error would “just appear” after working on a project. I’ve used VS2008 and beyond for Fez netmf stuff and have never hit that kind of issue, and I can’t remember seeing anyone else post about it here - if I was a betting man I would say it has to be something you’re doing)

@ Brett -

Well, what you’re saying makes sense, but I promise that I am not including anything external. The only references in the projects are those generated by the mainboard and modules, and the error appeared (this time) between two builds in which I changed one line of code (initializing a string to a string constant). No new modules were added to the project, no project properties were changed. Nothing.

I have been using Visual Studio since long before it was Visual Studio, and have never seen this phenomenon before. On this particular machine, I’m running a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 32-bit, and the only additional things I’ve installed beyond the OS are the latest Windows Updates, the latest Adobe Reader, Visual Studio 2012 and its all updates, and the GHI SDK. There is nothing else on the machine, and I’m not defining or referring to anything external.

Very odd. So, while I want you to win your bet that it has to be something I’m doing, I’m having trouble seeing what I might be doing that’s causing it. But I would be happy to take responsibility, if I could figure out what was going on.

Additional Notes: Restarting Visual Studio doesn’t clear the problem, restarting Windows doesn’t clear it. Every build, whether it’s an existing project or a brand new essentially empty project, gets these two warnings.

sounds then like we have a mystery… oh well, I was hoping for the “oh yeah, I was including my serial port handler” moment and then we could all be like, yeah great, awesome… honestly can’t figure that out