Should a Forum reply earn 1 point or 10 points?

@ Gus -
Does the GHI Forum seek replies based on quality or quantity?
At present the points system motivates many replies rather than quality replies.
To generate many points some users reply with a one liner (a reply consisting of one relatively short line of words). The quality of the one liner can vary from answering a question with one question, generating a sequence of one liners (chatter), a very short one liner or a one liner. I suspect the respondent wants to gain as many points as possible.
I would like to see a points system based on any user who reads a reply being able to grade a reply. A reply could default to zero or perhaps one point. The user assessment scale of 0 to 9 should grant 0 to 90 points.
Keep up the great work you are doing Gus. Thank you for the many years of excellent service.


LIKE is the rating of replies and is rewarded separately.

The points awarded (“scored”) is somewhat irrelevant in my view. The tally of points shows someone who contributes to the forum or has done for years, and used to reflect other contributions (in Codeshare) in a balanced way, that provided some points for discussion but “real” points were up for grabs in code. Now codeshare has had it’s importance decreased, I guess a rebalance of points could be done, but it still doesn’t really get anyone anything. We’ve never tried to be the new stack exchange, or reddit…


@ KG1 - interesting

I agree: codeshare was important for points because it shows activity of people, as answer to question should be. Now that codeshare has disappears (or it’s importance), perhaps a balance should be done.
But who is really looking for points ? I think real community members are known by all others. People who takes time to reply, do it for helping. People who “just” talks, makes irony, discuss … makes this community a really one where we are happy to come, and not an anymous one as reddit can be. I think it’ll be difficult to quantify a quality reply.
Who do evaluate “reply” ? What is a reply ? An advice could be more important than a real answer. I think, even if there is no points, there are people because of quality of the community.