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Please change the shopping cart system so that it saves one’s cart under one’s profile. In that was my cart will not get lost after some inactivity, and I can continue my cart-filling from another PC by just logging into my profile…

I tend to build my cart over a few days to make sure I don’t forget anything, but the GHI cart empties after a few minutes… :frowning:


No problem! We have a list of improvements for GHI main website.

Wish lists/shopping lists would be nice too. I currently have many GHI products listed on my Amazon universal wishlist.

Not sure how much this part would be used here, but I use it on Amazon and NewEgg all the time:

Would be super awesome to have a facility that we could create a public/shared list of needed components to build a project/device. This could be referred to from a blog or codeshare entry.

For instance:

I would add all of the modules, accessories and/or main board to a list that is public

We could then reference the link to the code library/project and the hardware components.

The shopper could then add one or more items from my list to their cart. An “add all items to cart” button would be great.

Would be super awesome if the creator of the list would get points for someone ordering all/some items added to their cart from the list. (like the Amazon referral code program)

This latter idea is completely pie in the sky, so unless the website team runs out of things to do, I wouldn’t spend a ton of time on it in favor of other improvements.

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Thanks Gus!

Another request: Multiple shipping addresses. I sometimes would like to send my parcel to my work address, as the couriers annoy my wife to no end by blowing their car horn the moment they stop at the house.

ha ha, that is on the list already as well.

Cool! :slight_smile:

Or as it is in my world a method of obtaining gadgets that go under the wifes radar!