Ships on 8/6/15 and Add to cart don't work!

G120E Development Board and money burning a hole in my pocket!

@ willgeorge - Technically the catalog says August 7th… ;D

It is in stock :slight_smile:

Just for you, we will do it one day early!

@ Gary -

Do you see anyone running to the shipping dock? I just ordered it!

LOL…let me open my door and see if I can see any action!

I did see someone running but he says you owe him (@ Mike) $200 for the rush fee…hahahahahaha

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@ Gary - just got my G120E module, and was wondering if there is a schematic or any related materials for the G120E Development Board?

Everything you need is printed right on the board itself. The netmf book is where you need to start.

We will be posting the schematics and anything else that maybe needed soon.

@ Gus - sorry, let me clarify. I got the G120E SOM, not the development board… :slight_smile:

@ andre.m - thanks. I was looking more for some reference designs or schematic like there is one for on the Cobra II Dev board, with schematics etc. Will see how far we get with the info available online now.

Would be great if there is schematics or info from the G120E Dev board.

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