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Can we please have some other options for shipping.

I was looking to order a Cobra and the shipping was going to be $80USD!! to New Zealand. None of the Australian distributors are stocking the Cobra and direct order remains the only option.

But $80USD for something so small/light is crazy.




Please contact your local distributor and tell them you need cobra :slight_smile:


Guy, there are a couple of AU distributors, and I reckon that Cobra will be on their radar soon - I intend to get one once the new cases become available :slight_smile:


We just started shipping the cobra this week so distributors will have them soon. If your distributor is not showing it on their website then let them know about cobra, maybe they do not know it is important to their customer (you) :wink:


None of the distributors has cobra, yet. Cobra is not yet distributed, only available to us.
$80 is crazy, so I would suggest to wait a little (I know it’s hard… :frowning: )

good luck!


Thanks for the replies.

I have contacted one AU supplier and they don’t intend to stock at this stage. Best, would actually be if sparkfun stocked as they have other shipping options. To date though, my question to them asing if they intend to stock has gone unanswered.

Must be patient, must be patient…




Which supplier did you speak to? If it makes sense I can speak to the same distributor (or we go to the other disti) as I will be buying - as I said I am waiting for the slightly revised model of case that better suits the 4.3" LCD - but heck I almost feel strong enough about the kit to pay the full freight :S
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It was littlebird.

I know it’s early days so maybe more will carry. Still hoping Sparkfun stocks as they have reasonable shipping options and some other bits and pieces I want.



Since sparkfun is a official distributor and also a “big guy” in electronics, I guess they will. Cobra is great, so if they do not stock cobra, we will mail them to do :smiley: :whistle: