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Today I was about to order some stuff directly from GHI (because I received a coupon) but I cancelled my order when I was presented the high shipping costs (see image). I remembered there was a cheaper method in the past. What are my options? :slight_smile:

@ WouterH - yeah it is a tad spendy for us foreigners :frowning:

USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box $22.45 for my HDR’s

We get some very good discounts. What you see there is what shipping cost us.

@ Gus - Is there a possibility for a European warehouse for items that the other resellers don’t handle?

@ WouterH - I see you have placed an order and shipping fee is $11.60 so why it was showing much higher numbers in your original post?

Edit: I see you used first-class which is not track-able. Hopefully the package will make it to you safely.

Well I don’t understand it either, the second time I placed my order that option was visible, I ordered one item less then first time. Maybe the cheap option is only up to a certain weight?

Anyway, I’ll take the risk. Previous packages did arrive, so there is hope :slight_smile:

This the first order I’ve sent Insured and Tracked and it cost $50 to get it to my place in Canada (across the river and turn left and keep going till you get to the mountains), otherwise I’ve always used non-trackable ($25 - $35 range shipping) and everything has gotten here OK.

@ WouterH

You can buy it in Germany.

Shipping Cost from Germany to Belgium:

Order from 0.00 EUR to 150.00 EUR = 10,00 EUR
Order from 150.01 EUR to 250.00 EUR = 8,90 EUR
Order from 250.01 EUR to 500.00 EUR = 5,95 EUR
Order from 500.01 EUR to 10000.00 EUR = 0,00 EUR

Direct Link:

I hope the information helps.

@ Uuuups - thanks, I normally order through a local reseller, but if you have a coupon, you can only use it directly on the GHI webshop.

And not everything is stocked…

This has always been a pain especially when new modules come out as the local dealers seem to wait for 6 months befoer stocking if at all on some modules :frowning:

@ HughB - Hence why we should talk nicely to Gus about becoming a local stockist of extra bits and bobs :wink:

Maybe one of you guys ought to start up whatever the equivalent of an LLC is there and become an official distributor!

@ godefroi - the thought has crossed my mind…

the only risk there is selling “shop soiled” or “factory seconds” devices after you’ve played with each of them, over and over… :slight_smile:

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@ Brett - never :whistle:

Let’s just call it quality control :slight_smile:

In all seriousness I think there are enough European forum members to justify another specialty warehouse…and you might get things a bit quicker taylorza :wink:


A Euro distributor would indeed make a lot of sense to me, international shipping from the US is always a problem. GHI’s product selection isn’t that great overall and it doesn’t take up a lot of space so someone could probably run it out of their garage.

@ Bogus - beware, you’re forgetting all the packaging material you’ll need. And be prepared to handle package returns and loss of packages etc. There’s a lot of stuff involved :slight_smile: