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Shield "legs" to short


Hi all,

I happen to have shields for both the fez and arduino. The one BIG problem with the fez shields is that the legs that stack the shields together are to short. For example, if I stack the ethernet shield and lcd shield, they actually touch, and do not fit. But, the legs on the real arduino shields are longer, and I can stack those shields with no component touching.

Another example, if I stack the serial shield on the fez, and then put the ethernet shield on top of the serial shield, the db9 connector on the serial shield touches the connections on the ethernet shield!!!

Follow what the arduino shields do and extent the legs just a tad so the shields do not touch!


An option can be to use female headers as extenders


most of the shields you can buy here are “arduino” shields. They are not even made by ghi just resold here. So the would be what you call “real arduino shields”. Some made by sparkfun some by dfrobot and so on.


I like the female headers as extenders idea. I had not thought of that. I have a project where I think that will work.


Well, I do not know if the “touching between shields” is also causing a bad connection (as in you cant connect all headers pins?). Otherwise the cheap idea is to stick a little tape on the top shield.

The better idea is to either use female headers to get more space or buy a extender shield.