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Sharp Distance Sensors video


A quick video on the sharp distance sensors to show how to solder the cap on the back and the differences between the 3 models.


Thanks for the video (and your own voice)
Thank god that computer voice was abandoned :smiley:

One note: please print specific data on the video (by using youtube functions?) so that we can have a look at it. (example: model numbers)

Another note: please crank up your voice volume, you speak very fast sometimes and with laptop speakers it’s hard to hear.

Otherwise good video, thank you :slight_smile:


Nice work


Very good quality video.

@ Foekie

Where are these function located at?


I believe they are called annotations?


very good video.


Nice video Mark, I look forward to many more from the Fez on Fire series.


There’s also a copy on Vimeo which is much better quality. You can watch it here:

Can we make it so we can embed vimeo on the forums? Youtube’s quality is disgustingly low.


300 points for the very clear and detailed video… FEZ Hero anytime soon? :wink: You are flying up


Thanks Gus. Screw FEZ Hero… i want to be a MicroSoft & FEZ MVP doing this sort of stuff is great for both of them :wink:


Speaking of that, can we get nominated for MS MVP for stuff we do here?


possibly, you’ll need a blog as well though most likely and possibly be on the official netmf forums.


Ah, yeah, you’re right. I think it does have to be on “official” MS forums. And we know how those compare to this one… My dad’s an MVP.


You mean ? They are kinda quiet…


I must say though, i’ve got friends who’ve managed to make it to MVP status just from posting lots of articles on the CodeProject website and being active on those forums + their blog.


Everything “official” on NETMF is quiet. Mostly, their forum seemed to be filled with spam ;-(


Their newsgroup certainly is lol