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Sharp Distance sensor


I have the 2D120K (4-30cm) sensor.
When I run your sample app the actual distance seems to be much higher than what the sensor is reporting almost double the distance.

Any reason why it’s off so much?


Double check the part number of the sensor and the file you are using. If both are correct then maybe the driver needs some updating.


Yup, part number and driver are verified.


We look into it and fix the driver if needed but keep in ind that you have the driver code so feel free to fix/modify it


Did you buy the sensor from tinyclr website?
sensors from other suppliers might have different pin-out.

If this is not the case with you, you might need to calibrate the driver. you have the source code.
try X1 = 37 instead of 30


Yes, purchased when I got the FEZ_Domino.

I will try X1=37 when I get a chance.

I have multiple FEZ_DOMINO projects going right now…Freaking EZI