Sharks Cove


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Personally…not for me, i already have a PC…

I have semi Ninja skilled tweezers but trying to build a custom one of those might be biting off even more than i can chew…

Did i mention i already have a PC?

My thoughts: there is an MSDN unveiling on August 7th. Are other things going to be unveiled on August 7th as well? The long awaited big thing from Microsoft that Gadgeteer fans are looking for?

And, Sharknado 2 is unveiled tomorrow night.

Justin, I would not call the things you do anyway semi skilled!

The major concern the clients or potential clients I have spoken too about boards deploying Operating Systems surprised me but makes sense. It is not the cost of the hardware but the effort and resources for the Operating Systems to be updated with the latest security patches over the lifetime. In each case the devices would be networked and are doing production line monitoring. Comments suggested it did not matter to the company whether the Operating System was Windows or Linux.

I think this board has a very narrow practical appeal.

“The primary target usage of the Sharks Cove board is for development of subsystems for Intel® ATOM™ based Tablets and Mobile devices”.

Why would most people buy this if they weren’t doing that specific task?

Galileo will do most of the same connectivity for 4x less the cost. Also, didn’t MS say they will provide Win8 without cost for devices like these?

If I wanted a low cost compact x86 system (current microarchitecture based), I would go with a NUC or an (shudders) AMD based mini ITX.

I don’t get the comparisons of SharksCove to RPi, even ignoring the prices.

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If one wants a current gen x86 – how about this:

Wow, that minnow board is made by the same manufacturer at half the price with similar capabilities. It’s almost confusing that they even suggested this for IoT and hobbyists.

CircuitCo also makes the BeagleBone.

It’s expensive too @ $299 usd. Makes the up coming hardkernel odroid xu3 @ $179 look cheap plus you will be able to run ROS (robotic operating system) on it too.

Been looking into these lately and there are several Linux boards that are really reasonably priced:

Pi - lower powered, lower priced and well supported

BeagleBone Black – looks like supply still spotty

TechNexion & WandBoard – SOMs using a new connector standard (EDM)

PCDuino and various other AllWinner A10/A20 based boards.

There’s the various ODroid offerings and the MinnowBoard max

I’m interested in seeing how the Atom compares to the various ARM based chips in pure processing power (factoring out the GPU performance).

Thanks for listing the boards. The Sharks Cove board appears to be priced at the top of the tree. It will interesting how the Atom compares to ARM.

I am interested in ROS and play with it in my spare time as a hobbyist. So my option is only Linux boards and need to be powerful.