Sharing SPI

I am currently laying out a small board design that uses the SCM20100E. That SOM only has 2 SPI buses, SPI3 and SPI4. (QSPI is being used with Flash memory.) I want to support a small SPI display, SPI FRAM, and ATMWINC1500. So out of those 3 devices, two will need to share a bus.
Any recommendations on what devices should share?
The FRAM probably will be accessed every few seconds or so. The update rate on display would probably be 500ms to 1000ms. So the Wifi is probably will need the most bandwidth. My initial guess is Display and FRAM on SPI3 since it is slower; WiFi on SPI4, which is a faster bus. Am I thinking correctly?

Are there any software issues to be aware of with locking, particularly the wifi?