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Seven Steps to Create Your Wiki NETMF Project Page


Recently, I saw a lot of posts mentioned about not familiar with our Wiki NETMF Project page.
Some requests a member to post their project on Wiki.

A lot of time people who are not familiar with Wiki stuffs, would suffer for a few good days to study a tutorial of how to create their own project page.

Now, they are not going to suffer any more. I provide you a shortcut that take only seven steps, together with the Wiki Markup Code template, that you can use to create your project page within short amount of time. So you can use your valuable time to create or invent cool stuffs to show off, and share with the others who has the same interest. Or use your precious time to write great code.

Here is the link:

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wauw, thanks Sam.

This doc looks very good.


Lol. You were first. Good job! :smiley: :smiley: :wink: :wink:


Looks nice,
I thought this line was funny:

… It’s MediaWiki :smiley:


Lol. You were first. …

??? Huh!

[quote]I thought this line was funny:

@ Foekie, OK, ok, now I got it!

Thanks for the tip, Chris.

Revised! :slight_smile:


Thank you Sam. Frankly I did not know how to add a new wiki page. These easy steps would help me.



You might want to put a link on the front page of the wiki to this information.


250 points for the nice tutorial. Thanks


I already put that before anyone said anything :slight_smile: