Seven segment display modules

Any interest - apart from @ Duke Nukem :smiley: (i have just got the boards back for the other one…)

1,2,3 & 4 Digits and Alphanumeric and level
Red,Green, Yellow

Y or S socket with 255 levels of brightness…

And yes i know the 0 on the right hand digit is wrong :smiley:

Of course I’m interested. There has been a pile of other modules which have been discussed here lately that I’m drooling to get my hands on, and not knowing the status of them is killing me. You guys make cool stuff so its hard not to get excited about it.

Tomorrow I’m hoping that GHI releases those gas sensors so I can get at least a small fix for my module addiction.

@ Duke Nukem - Just to prove it’s not totally vapour ware…

Any preference on digit size? 10mm 14mm etc

4 digit alphanumeric sounds sweet. How much $$?

@ ransomhall - depending on char size prob under $15

Looks good! I had designed a 7 segment module, but got wrong parts and didn’t put it together yet. Good job!

what are you driving them with? i.e. what will the socket type be? my goal would be to chain a few (3-4) of the 4 char alphanumerics together for a message marquee, if possible.

@ Architect - I got a whole heap of modules from Mouser - funny thing is about 5 of them are the wring parts!

@ ransomhall how does 0.54 inch red,green or yellow 4 digit alphanumeric sound?

@ ransomhall - Y or S driven by WS2803 so they can be chained together
Y for software SPI should be plenty fast enough for small quantities, or S for hardware for large quantities

Count me in for 4 red ones.

Chaining done using CS line?

@ ransomhall - Egg zack ill ee the same as the WS2801, shared Clock and Data no CS

Put me down for 4 as well in Red.

@ Duke Nukem - 4x4 digits or 4x1?

I’d like to get 4 modules, each with 4 digit displays in Red ( 8888 would look great for a control system I’m thinking about), but now that you have brought it up, how many digits can I get on one module?

@ Duke Nukem - as many as you want…just makes the board more spendy that’s all

What about making rev 2 be modular (as in DaisyLink or the like)?

So if someone needs 7 segments, you just string that many together. Or they would get a 4 segment and then 3 singles (or a 2 segment and 1 single).

They are already chain-able :slight_smile:

That they are! I didn’t notice the in/out headers on the bottom.

For now I think four 4 digit modules that are chainable should do the trick and so now I’m anxious to get them. Seems like I’m waiting on a whole pile of different modules, its like looking at candy in a jar you can’t reach right now, its killer.