Setting up USART

Good morning, when designing a custom board with the SC20100 the pinout describes pins 55 and 56 are labeled as UART3 TX/RX which is what I wanted. However, when writing firmware for it I found in the TinyCLR library that it is Usart, I have not used a Usart before and am curious if any extra setup is required to ignore the synchronize functionality (not needed).
Here is my code setting it up:
UartController myUart = UartController.FromName(SC20100.UartPort.Usart3);
UartSetting uartSettings = new UartSetting()
BaudRate = 38400,
DataBits = 8,
Parity = UartParity.None,
StopBits = UartStopBitCount.One,
Handshaking = UartHandshake.None,

Do I need to add any other arguments to make this work correctly?

No need to add anything else, that is enough for UART, I believe.

We do not support synchronized uart. It is rarely used and was never requested by any customers. Basically, there is nothing extra beside your code.

Ok thank you.

I am a bit confused as to what exactly we mean as “synchronize”?

Are we talking about the “S” for Synchronous in USART? In this case, we are talking about the present or absence of a clock at the physical level.

Or, are we taking about direct reads versus reading in an event at the API level?

I guess I have assumed he means S in uSart

I did, meaning I did not want to utilize the clock, and wanted to just use it asynchronously.