Setting up network

Are there any way to set network parameters from code instead of using external app MFDeploy?

Yes. Check documentation for example.

Thanks for the answer. Before asking I’ve been searching and I’ve not found anything? Can you tell me where can I find this info?


Only thing I’ve found is how to see values:

public static void Main()
	NetworkInterface[] netif = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();

	Debug.Print("Network settings:");
	Debug.Print("IP Address: " + netif[0].IPAddress);
	Debug.Print("Subnet Mask: " + netif[0].SubnetMask);
	Debug.Print("Default Getway: " + netif[0].GatewayAddress);
	Debug.Print("DNS Server: " + netif[0].DnsAddresses[0]);


I’ve tried to set one of this values but the’re read-only…

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Is there a way to set up a hostname for GHI devices ?

Check this: [url][/url]