Setting up file sharing for remote development

Let’s face it - I am totally wedded to my dual-4K screens and cushy Visual Studio environment. So here is the first of a few articles that describe how I set up my development environment so that I can write native (C++) and managed (Mono) programs for the OSD3358 from the comfort of my Windows-based Visual Studio environment.

First step is to set up file sharing so that you can mount your home directory on your Windows system. Then you can read and write files directly to the Linux system as if it was a disk drive on your Windows system:


Alright going to try it, will let you guys know my experience.

Ok so i tried it, and the only thing was that the command:

didn’t restart samba but the command


Ah sigh.

After all evening I managed to get the th module to auto start the wifi and auto mount a sd card as the samba share.

So now instead of 53mb of shared folder space, I have 14 GB (16gb card).

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Oooops! Typo in the instructions. I will get that fixed.
The correct command should be : sudo /usr/sbin/service smbd restart