Setting the Date/Time on FEZ Mini?

I read on page 101 of the Beginners Guide “All GHI NETMF devices have a built in RTC. The RTC keep track of time and date. Even if the system is off, the RTC will be running off a backup battery.”

I understand this to mean that I could set a clock on the FEZ Mini that will retain the date/time info.

I tried the example below that statement to set the clock and it works, but the date and time is lost on reboot.

Is there a way to set the date and time on the FEZ so that it will be retained after a reboot?

Thanks in advance.

USBizi, (the core of FEZ Domino and FEZ Mini) does support retaining time/date through the internal RTC, even after power loss. For RTC to work, you need a 32Khz crystal and a 3V backup battery. These will keep the clock running even if USBizi is powered off.
FEZ Mini doesn’t include the 32Khz crystal and doesn’t expose the pin to connect a backup battery, and so, you will not be able to retain the clock on FEZ Mini.

We cleared this up in the FAQ, see question 11


It thought I read all of the FAQs. I must have missed that section.

Not the answer I was hoping for, but at least I can end my quest to make it work and purchase a FEZ Domino… :slight_smile: