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Setting RTC from GPS


I have a UTC time from a GPS string that I want to use to set the RTC on the Domino.

But, I want to be able to read the time as my local time instead of the UTC. What is the best way to do this?


Our GPS driver already returns a DateTime object

From there, you can set your system time like this

Also, see this post

You can get item from anywhere, GPS, RTC, timeserver and then set the system clock


I am using Utility.SetLocalTime(), but how do I convert UTC to my local time for the offset between UTC and EST?


Hi Tony,

i just came across this statement that might help you out here?

How can I set the “correct” TimeZone?
Using the Microsoft.SPOT.ExtendedTimeZone.SetTimeZone(TimeZoneInfo) method.


hope it helps!


Thanks brett. We can always some some help from users like you;)



The ExtendedTimeZone class is NOT in Microsoft.SPOT.
I am using .NET MF 4.0, is that something that was in a previous version?

I did a search on that class in the object browser and it turned up empty.

Any suggestions?


Timezone is supported through
That is Microsoft.SPOT.Time.TimeService.SetTimeZoneOffset(-5*60);//-5 hours