Setting LCD background color


Just getting started…got som text up on my 7" screen, but would like to set the entier screen color to, perhaps, green…is there an easy way? I’ve tried a few things & poked atround, but not sure what parameter sets the screen (window) color.

 public Window CreateWindow()
            // Create a window object and set its size to the
            // size of the display.
            mainWindow = new Window();
            mainWindow.Height = SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight;
            mainWindow.Width = SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth;
            // Create a single text control.
            text = new Text();

            text.Font = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.sego32);
            text.TextContent = Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.String1);
            text.HorizontalAlignment = Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.HorizontalAlignment.Center;
            text.VerticalAlignment = Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.VerticalAlignment.Center;
            text.ForeColor = Colors.Red;
            // Add the text control to the window.
            mainWindow.Child = text;

See Background property of the Window object

where is the best place to “see it”?

is there a good concise source for such help? I tend to get these links to Mcrosoft & they list 500 articles including setting the backgound color of Excel cells, doing things in VB, foxpro, monitoring a background task, etc. I just want info related to what’s doable in .netmf. I guess I want a help that is more focused.

Is there a concise list of the properties (with short descriptions, not large articles) available for .netmf? Just a listing of names is not useful. Then when I find what I want to use I can go find a lengthy treatise.

Here ([url]Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career) are all the properties of a window object. You can see Background (it’s a brush inherited from Control).

here’s the bookmarks you want…


Part way down that page is “Library Documentation”

•Library documentation
◦ Microsoft .NET Micro Framework API Reference [url]Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career
◦ GHI Electronics NETMF Documentation Sep. 29, 2011 [url][/url]
◦ WIZnet Ethernet Documentation (FEZ Connect) Sep. 29, 2011 [url][/url]