Set Pin Output on Fez CERB40 II

Hi all,

Newbie question that I can’t seem to figure out for some reason: Using a Fez Cerb40, I’m trying to cycle a pin between high output and low output to turn on a light.

static OutputPort RedLightPin = new OutputPort(GHI.Hardware.FEZCerb.Pin.PA13, false);

^^ current code that I’m trying, and then using


to cycle it. Not getting a response though. Any ideas?

What kind of a “light” are you using? The chip pins can not source a lot of current directly.

I probably worded that poorly. I have the light’s logic set up and powered so that when it sees the pin go to HIGH, it’ll turn the light on.

I just checked with a multimeter, and essentially when I tell the pin to go high, it shoots up for a fraction of a second and then drops back down to 0V. Is there a different line of code I should be using, or should I just try a bunch of different pins?

Oh, nevermind, was checking the voltage incorrectly. My apologies for the bother, I must have wired the lights wrong.