Set API Mode of XBee in Cerbuino Bee

I have a XBee Pro S3B, a FEZ Cerbuino Bee and I want to use the XBee socket in the board.
For it, I’m using GBee library to create my application, but, I can’t put the radio in API mode.
How can I do it in Cerbuino Bee?

You can’t change to the API mode from an AT command.

You have to connect the Xbee to your PC and run the Digi software X-CTU to programme it with the API firmware. You’ll need a USB to Xbee module to do this. Sparkfun have them.

From there you can use API mode from your software.

Thanks Dave for your help!

Just to add, once you do get Xbee working, it works very well. My system is stable now since I modified the library I was using.

I also have 2 different Xbee networks working in the same area only on a different PAN ID and there is no issues doing this.