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Servo motor on fez domino starter kit (3-pin E-Block Component Shield)



I bought a fez domino starter kit
I want to know, if it is possible connect 1/2 servo motor
directly on 3-pin connector (3-pin E-Block Component Shield),
or if I must cut v+ and gnd and connect it through an external battery
and connect on fez-domino 3-pin only servo motor signal ?
Fez-domino will be powered by the jack External Power Connector7-12V (7 Volt)

What is it the max current on the pin ?
What is it the max current on 3.3 Volts Out ?
What is it the max current on 5 Volts In/Out ?

A load too high may damage the voltage reguletor ?
It is correct ?

Thanks Stefano


William has some tutorials on his blog on how to hook up servos. Here is one of them:

Check the other posts on his blog as well.


I have connected 2 servos at a time on my Panda. Using the Vcc and Gnd from the board works fine. You do need an external power adapter to the Domino because USB may not provide enough juice.