Servo for the Stepper L6470 Module


I am interested in finding the most compatible stepper servo that will work with the L6470 Module. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I am using Fez Spider for my main board.

thanks in advance

steppers and servos are different types of devices and usually solve different problems. What do you want to do, and what do you have/not have ?

Great question, clearly I have not idea what I am doing. I want to be able to sit my small camera on a device which I can rotate via commands. For instance, I am setting up a test bed whereby I can send commands from a Windows 8 app, rotating the camera, then taking a pic, then rotating, then maybe taking another pic. I need the pieces that will allow me to control the rotation.

Then it’s likely all you need is a servo from a remote control device (of sufficient size). A Servo allows rotation in ~180 degree of movement. They are very simple to use and only need a PWM pin on your mainboard to use them. I’d suggest buying some cheap servos (hobby king if they have a presence in your area, or you can wait - otherwise any hobby store). You’ll probably also need a breakout module or several to wire this up, as well as a separate power source (since servos are reasonably power hungry, it’s best not to power them from your mainboard supply directly)

Oh and Stepper motors are for continuous rotation at known (very small) angle changes, which allows them to be used in precision devices like CNCs and 3d printers. Not what you need for this task :slight_smile:

Unless you want those to be either very very precise (like in a telescope) movements.

You should get a large (since you said camera) DIGITAL (not analogue) servo
[url]Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking

Hi John,

fine grained movement is for sure not a requirement. Also, when I said “camera”, I should have said “GHI camera”, that little one they sell :slight_smile: Additional links addressing the smaller side of the house would be greatly appreciated!!!


Then you can use something small like [url][/url] or if you want something more sophisticated [url][/url] (- This one is serial controlled.

Ok brace yourselves…I ordered the servo and as Brett mentioned I need a breakout module. Is there a link which may walk me thru hooking up the pieces? I am a total software guy and this is way out of my area, but I really like how cool this could turn out to be. Thanks for all ur help

You might want one of these too, makes the mounting bit easy

@ Mooo999 - something like this…

@ Mooo999, You should use always try and power the servo separately, as in Bill Gates diagram (the second option).

Super cool image Bill. Thanks a bunch!!! Waiting for the breakout to ship.

@ Mooo999 - Your welcome, just remember to post details of your master piece when it’s finished :slight_smile:

HI Bill,

one more question…the power supply you are using, what exactly is that? Would it be possible to use battery pack as well? I am looking for whatever is the absolute simplest configuration.

thank in advance!

possible, yes, although not very good idea. Batteries are prone to run flat, and servos (motors of any kind really) drain battery faster than many other things.