Servo Controller?

I don’t see a Servo Controller in the modules list. What are people using for a Servo Controller with any of the gadgeteer boards?

Pulse in out can control 8 servos


Justin’s ServoTidy module works quite well also.

Planned to do some servo control work with that Pulse Module tonight, but alas…there is no documentation on them. I searched around in the forum but couldn’t find anything.

Can anyone give me the basics on how to use it? I have two atypical servos I’d like to drive…however I’m not even sure on the coding, or even the wiring for them.

[excuse the threadjacking here, but I thought it was completely reasonable to ask this instead of creating a new thread]

Search codeshare for the servo driver class. It should give you everything you need to know how to drive servos. You’ll have to customize some of the parameters for your specific servo.

Just checked codeshare, which does provide some driver code but doesn’t refer to the actual Pulse Module. (unless I missed it) Still a newby here (as my title humbly illustrates :slight_smile: )

Also, it only talked about code - but not the actual wiring part. Although, with what I’ve read so far, you’re basically just hooking up the signal wire to one of the pins…and supplying power without using anything FEZ mainboard/module related.

Sorry, I don’t have a PulseInOut module but I believe it has a SetPulse method in the driver which you would treat just like if your servo were connected to any other PWM port. In the driver you found in CodeShare, you should see an example of how this works.

The wiring is very simple. There is usually just power, gnd, and a signal line coming from the servo. These will align with one of the PWM rows on the PulseInOut module. I believe you also have to provide an external +5V source to the corresponding pin on the module.

Okay (BTW, thanks ianlee for the extra help here!)…I think I’ve got it straight. I checked the schematic, and think I finally have a bare bones idea on how to read those things.

I’ll wire them up tonight and see what rolls! (or does not)

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You’re welcome. Good luck! I can’t wait to see your project.

Any further info on servo control?

Any real code that anyone can share?

Is anyone in fact using the PulseInOut Module as a servo controller?